Real-Time Analytics Lectures for SGH students

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Real Time Analytics Lectures

Winter 2022 SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Course Topics and Calendar

Full information about this course can be found in the sylabus.

List of books! I recommend.

If You don’t know what Python is go here.


Monday 9:50-11:30


Lectures 1-5: C-5D Labs 1-9: C-5D


  • Instructor: Ph.D Sebastian Zajac

Below is a list of the topics i’m planning to cover in this course.

Theoretical part

  • L01: 2022-10-03: Course overview, Python JupyterLAB setup
  • L02: 2022-10-10: The brief history of structured and unstructured data models
  • L03: 2022-10-17: Time for stream data
  • L04: 2022-10-24: Anomaly detection in streaming data
  • L05: 2022-10-31: Rectors hours - Free time !

  • C01: 2022-11-07: Theoretical Test, Python Cookiecutter, Python ENV, Jupyter LAB from Docker
  • C02: 2022-11-14: Python for structured and unstructured data (Numpy, Pandas)
  • C03: 2022-11-21: OOP, Apache PySpark Objects for Batch processing.
  • C04: 2022-11-28: Stream data generation, Apache Kafka run
  • C05: 2022-12-05: Connect Apache Kafka stream with Apache Spark
  • C06: 2022-12-12: Neural Network from scratch
  • C07: 2022-12-19:TBA
  • C08: 2023-01-02: Rector hours
  • C09: 2023-01-09: Full API, Kafka Producer
  • C10: 2023-01-16:TBA

Overall Format and Participation

  • Starting after the first week of the semester, students will form teams of five to work and collaborate on an class project throuhout the semester. There is just one information - it should be data analysis for streaming data. Students are expected to meet on a regular and weekly basis to make progress towards their project goals.


  1. GIT
  2. Python, Jupyter notebook, Jupyter lab, Colab
  3. Docker
  4. Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Kafka, Apache Beam
  5. Databricks Community edition Web page.


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